October 31, 2022

Call for Proposals Open

December 5, 2022*

Call for Proposals Closes

December 6, 2022 - January 6, 2023

Submissions Review and Selection

By January 23, 2023**

Accept/Decline Notifications Sent

By February 1, 2023

Sessions Announced on Website

*No exceptions or extensions. 
**After sessions are selected, accepted speakers will receive more details about the venue, technical requirements, deliverables and training.


Submissions must include the following information to be considered:

  • Key Contact Information
  • Session Title (10 word maximum)
  • Session Format
  • Learning Track
  • Target Attendee Experience Level
  • Geographic Applicability
  • Minimum of Three Learning Objectives (Maximum of Five)
  • Session Description (75 word maximum)
  • Have you presented this session before? If yes, where?
  • What is your engagement plan during your session with the participants?
  • What resource(s) do you plan to share with participants?
  • Presenter/Panelist Information
    • Full Name and Email Address
    • Short Bio (100 word maximum)
    • Professional Headshot
    • Presenter Type(s)
    • Link to Presenter(s) experience

All proposals must be submitted online through the Call for Proposals. If you need an accommodation, please contact

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The needs of the workforce are evolving. In order to maximize talent acquisition and retention, your benefits program must keep up. The stress from economic and social factors have made mental, physical and financial wellness a top priority. In these sessions, find out if your benefits program is poised to keep up with these changing demands. You'll also gain the tools you need to level up your programs to give you a competitive edge. 


Navigating the challenges of inflation, pay transparency requirements and fluctuating pay in a competitive labor market can be daunting. During this track, learn solutions for developing innovative and flexible compensation practices and policies to address the diverse facets of the workforce from remote workers to gig workers. 

Executive Compensation

Sound executive compensation strategies are critical to drive business performance and must align with stakeholder priorities. This track is dedicated to learning, adapting and responding effectively to an uncertain and unpredictable landscape to address performance alignment, recruitment and retention challenges of top tier talent. We will delve into the executive compensation challenges you currently face, including the types of questions you can expect from the board and other C-suite leaders as the role of the compensation committee expands beyond executive pay to include human capital management priorities.  

Strategic Total Rewards

The last two years have significantly shifted workforce expectations and the employee-employer relationship. This track will explore the drivers of the modern workforce, Human Capital sustainability and innovative reward strategies that fuel professional, purpose-driven outcomes and holistic health inside and outside the workplace. 


Debate (60 minutes): One moderator and no more than two speakers will have an interactive lively discussion in which they will put forth opposing views on the session topic. (Max. 2 presenters plus 1 moderator)

Interactive Panel (60 minutes): Panelists present case studies from multiple perspectives facilitated by a moderator. The moderator will facilitate a formal Q&A or polling with the audience and panelists for a minimum of 15 minutes. (Max. 3 presenters plus 1 moderator)

Interview (60 minutes): The moderator questions the presenter on the session topic for approximately three-fourths of the time, after which the floor is opened for questions from the audience. (Max. 1 presenter plus 1 moderator)

Presentation (45 minutes): An outcomes-focused session on a specific topic—showcasing best practices, lessons learned “in the trenches,” and actionable insights. (Max. 3 presenters) 

Engage Live (30 minutes): Presenter(s) provide opening remarks or brief presentation of a strategy, idea or program to prompt an informal and collaborative conversation among session participants. (Max. 2 presenters) 

Express Learning (25 minutes): Short, carefully prepared talks focused on new strategies, processes, or techniques that impact the total rewards profession, foster learning, inspire or support personal development. The typical session should be a 10-15 minute talk by a single presenter followed by a 5-10 minute audience Q&A. (Max. 2 presenters)


Academic – Full or part-time professor with no other source of employment.

Consultant – A professional hired to provide expert advice to multiple clients or organizations. Does not include internal consultants (see practitioner definition).

  • Examples: Partner, Managing Director, Principal, Practice Leader, Attorney

Non-Profit Organization Representative – Employee at a non-profit organization.

Practitioner – “Internal” professionals accountable to influence or deliver rewards for that one specific organization.*  

  • Examples: SVP Total Rewards, Manager, Compensation Manager, Director Employee Benefits, CHRO, Financial Analyst, HR Business Partner, Benefits Specialist, Compensation Committee Chair, Chief Legal Officer, Recruiter.
  • *Excludes those working in professional services supporting external customers.

Service Partner – A supplier or someone who works for a company that provides organizations with services other than management consulting (see consultant definition).

  • Examples: IT solutions provider, payroll processing provider, recognition outsource provider, insurance agent, VP Product Development, Sales Director, Account Executive


Our submission process is very competitive. The content advisory committee reviews and scores proposals to determine selections based on the proposal and speaker priorities mentioned above. The learning objectives and session description provided are critical to the selection process. The committee relies on this information to understand the experience that will be delivered to attendees and is critical to the marketing of the event to ensure optimal attendance at your session. Speaker information is essential to understand the speaking style, professional expertise and diversity of perspective.

  • Create fresh, original, unique, and current content aimed to solve today’s problems. Please no replays of webinars or other presentations.
  • Tailor messaging to address audience needs.
  • Before you submit a proposal to speak, please make sure all speakers are available and hold the event dates/time on their calendars.
  • Attend presenter training/prep meetings and meet all deadlines.
  • Absolutely no selling or lead generation in content sessions is allowed. WorldatWork offers several paid sponsored sessions as an opportunity to feature your organization and showcase your thought leadership. If interested, please contact for more information.
  • Visibility and recognition – for you and your organization as a thought leader. 
  • A chance to give back and help peers devise solutions during an unprecedented time of economic and business challenge.
  • A full complimentary event registration so you can engage and network with attendees throughout the event.
  • Access to exclusive, complimentary speaker coaching for support and help with bringing your session to life.

Yes. However, we ask that you receive confirmation from the presenter/s that they are interested in speaking at Total Rewards'23 prior to submitting. Note that you will be required to provide all session and speaker details for the proposal.

Session placement will be included in your acceptance notification letter. Room placements will be sent closer to the event. 


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